Let me introduce myself...

Well everyone here it is, my first blog! It's been a while since I started Scissors, Paper & Lace to get to the point where I could join the rest of the world and get blogging - purely down to the fact that I have been so busy getting Scissors, Paper & Lace to it's current state - to have a steady flow of clients to keep me on my toes yet to still have time to fit other things in like this! For those who know nothing about who I am or what I do let me explain.

Back in 2008 I finally got married (it took 9 years together, a lot of patience on my behalf ;o) to get to that day!) and that's where my passion for creating wedding stationery began. Starting with my own and then family and friends weddings/christenings I began to realise that this was something I wanted to do (and as confident/arrogant as it sounds; very good at it too!) permanently. Two children later; the unfortunate passing of my dear father and my beautiful mum having a stroke; I had to give up my insurance job (yawn!) in London. As bitter sweet as the timing was, it gave me the chance to launch Scissors, Paper & Lace and here we are today.

It was always my plan to create Scissors, Paper & Lace as a friendly and personal service to clients, I didn't want to just create a website where people could place an order online, for me to fulfill that order and never meet or speak to the bride/groom - to me it was important to give that personal level of service and engage with the couple to get a really good understanding of what they wanted for their special day so I could design something specifically for them. I therefore always offer free consultations (including tea and biscuits of course!) to discuss and capture the thoughts of how they want to set the 'scene' for their day. A lot of the time clients find something in my studio collection and tailor it to suit their theme but luckily for me I also get to start from scratch and create new designs.

Most of my business comes through word of mouth, which is extremely satisfying to know that my previous clients found that I provided them with a high level of service to then recommend me to others. So there it is - the 'why' and the 'when'. Now it's on-wards and upwards!

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